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>FREE< Operation Totalize 1944 : The Allied Drive South from Caen pdf, epub, mobi
>FREE< Operation Totalize 1944 : The Allied Drive South from Caen pdf, epub, mobi

Stephen A. Hart,Johnny Shumate,: Operation Totalize 1944 : The Allied Drive South from Caen

Operation Totalize 1944 : The Allied Drive South from Caen


In Operation Totalize, Lieutenant-General Guy Simonds' II Canadian Corps launched an attack from its positions along the Bourguebus Ridge south of Caen, striking south-southeast astride the main Caen-Falaise road toward the high ground that dominated the town of Falaise and the key west-east lateral road that ran through this town. Using sophisticated operational art the initial break-in achieved rapid success; indeed, more tactical success than any previous Allied break-in attack in Normandy. However, despite this rapid initial success, Totalize did not subsequently secure a decisive operational-level victory. Indeed, Simonds' forces subsequently struggled swiftly to complete the second break-in battle, and to transit into rapid exploitation operations. Had Simond's force been successful the German army may not have been able to extract themselves from the Falaise pocket and would have been surrounded and defeated - possibly bringing about the early end of the war in Europe.

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Author: Stephen A. Hart,Johnny Shumate,
Number of Pages: 96 pages
Published Date: 24 May 2016
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Publication Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 9781472812889
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